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Spring Drive Manual-Winding
Inspired by the natural phenomenon known as "Omiwatari", this new watch pays tribute to Lake Suwa near the Shinshu Watch Studio where all Grand Seiko Spring Drive are crafted.
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Heritage Collection Series 9
White Birch
This watch captures the dynamism of the white birch tree forests near the studio in Shizukuishi, where all Grand Seiko mechanical watches are crafted. To look closely at the dial is to experience the exact same feeling that the visitor to these forests receives and to be brought closer than ever to the true and eternal nature of time.
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GS9 Shop Model
Sport Collection
The core attributes of Grand Seiko are perfectly in tune with the world of sport. Legibility and durability are qualities that the discerning sports watch lover needs and desires, making Grand Seiko a natural choice for those who demand the very best. From diver’s watches to chronographs to watches with a GMT function, and with calibers ranging from mechanical to Spring Drive, the Sport Collection offers a wide and enticing selection.
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Heritage Collection
The Heritage Collection is the heart of Grand Seiko and comprises timepieces that emphasize well-balanced designs that express the pure essentials of watchmaking. It offers a selection of classic watches that bring back the designs and styles of the earliest Grand Seiko timepieces, today reimagined with the highest level of craftsmanship and manufacturing, and featuring the latest in-house movements.
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Elegance Collection
A new standard, set in 1998. Caliber 9S was released in 1998, the same year as the new Grand Seiko Standard for mechanical watches was created. It was no co-incidence. Thanks to advances in materials, manufacturing and craftsmanship skills, Caliber 9S offered a superior level of performance which was reflected in the new Standard. As so often before, Grand Seiko’s ceaseless pursuit of precision, practicality and durability had taken its mechanical watchmaking to a new and higher level.
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Japanese Hospitality "Omotenashi"
GS9 Club Shop
The GS9 Club Shop offers Shop models, which can be purchased direct through the site, Mastershop and Salon models which can be purchased direct by members, and Boutique models. While not sold directly through the site, we are happy to help guide you through your purchase at one of our boutiques.
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The Spirit of Takumi
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If you have purchased a Grand Seiko from an authorized dealer in the USA, you're eligible to become part of the exclusive GS9 Club collector community. You'll need to have your watch details handy during registration, including a photo of the watch and sales receipt from a Grand Seiko boutique, salon, or mastershop in the USA.
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